For you, who loves Cocoro and who recommends Cocoro pants in every conversation: Obtain exclusive discounts by inviting your friends and family to use Cocoro (they will also receive discounts).

You have been following us for a long or short time, but your family of Cocoro products has not stopped growing. You and your Cocoro are inseparable: we want to thank you for your unconditional love for Cocoro and give your friends something. This, we think, will be of interest to everyone:

Present Cocoro to your friends and family and they will obtain a £5 discount on their first purchase. For each person you recommend, who makes a first purchase, you will also receive a £5 discount, which you can accumulate without limit!

*Valid only for the purchase of pants, tops, sets and packs (does not apply to accessories).

Let´s spread the word about Cocoro!

More Cocoro. More Zero Waste. We all win, and the planet wins!

Recommend Cocoro to as many people as you want and accumulate points to win gift products!

Here are some different ways to share Cocoro with your friends and family:

- Referral link

- Referral banner (image)

- Code (create your own code)

For each new customer you bring to Cocoro, you’ll earn 5 credits, which is equivalent to £5. One credit = £1

* You can send email invitations to whoever you want from your personal area of the Cocoro website. You’ll also be able to track your rewards.

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Any questions? 

What is the referral programme, (member gets member) and how does it work?

What is the referral programme, and how do I get started?

It’s a way of spreading sustainability. If you recommend Cocoro to a friend or family member, they’ll receive £5 to spend on their first purchase of underwear, packs and Cocoro sets. When they make their first purchase, you’ll also get £5 in credits. Minimum purchase amount £50. You can accumulate as many credits as you want and use them to buy period underwear or Cocoro tops at a lower cost, or even for free. Register above or sign in to your account to get started. Share your unique link/referral code directly or via email, SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook.

Where can I see how many credits I’ve earned?

You can see the credits you’ve earned, used and have pending in the "referrals programme" tab in your personal area.

Is there a limit to the credit I can earn?

There is no credit limit, and you can refer as many friends and family as you want (as long as they are new customers). 

What does accumulated/stackable credits mean?

For each new client who comes through you, you’ll get a £5 credit that can be put toward your purchases of Cocoro underwear, packs, tops and sets. This means that if you get 5 new customers, you could spend that £25 credit in one go (on a pair of PLUS knickers, for example), or use it bit by bit over several orders, as long as you don’t combine it with other promotions.

How many credits do I earn with each referral?

With each person you bring to Cocoro, you earn 5 credits, equivalent to £5. One credit = £1. You can decide how many credits you want to apply to an order when you’re ready to pay. You can use them all in one go or use some and save the rest for later.

Can I accumulate credits?

You can accumulate unlimited referral credits.

How many times can I share my code?

In your personal area, we give you the option to generate a custom code that you can use to invite friends and family. Share it as many times as you want!

Can this programme be combined with other promotions and discount codes?

The exclusive benefits of the referral programme cannot be combined with other offers, promotions or discounts.

Do I need an account to use the referral programme?

If you want to invite people, you’ll need to be registered on Cocoro and, therefore, have an account. You can create one or log in to your account at the top of the Cocoro website.

Who can I send a referral to?

You can only refer new customers.

Do I need an account to purchase with an invitation from the referral programme?

If you’ve received an invitation, you don’t need an account to purchase (but we recommend you create one so that you too can invite other people and earn credits).

If I receive a referral, can I use my code with other discount codes or gift cards?

Accumulated credits only apply to the people who send referrals, not those who receive them. If you have received an invitation, your code cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional codes.

Can I use my credits immediately?

You can use the referral code immediately to get a £5 discount on your first order.

What happens if the person I referred cancels their order?

Unfortunately, if the person you referred cancels their order, you will not receive the £5 credit.

Do my credits have an expiry date?

Yes, they expire after one year.

Is there a limit to how many people I can send referrals to?

No, you can refer as many people as you want, so go ahead!

Is the referral programme available in all European countries??

The referral programme is available to customers in any EU country.