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All prices displayed include IVA at the current standard rate and are valid for all purchases made by individuals and legal entitities. The prices displayed on www.cocoro-intim.com are subject to revision and modification at any time as conditions require.

Products On Sale

All of the products that www.cocoro-intim.com puts on sale at a promotional price will be displayed with the following information: the sale price as well as the regular price of the item. The sale price will be valid until the date indicated or until the item is no longer in stock, or according to the conditions specified as part of the promotion.


1. Save 15% buying 4 Cocoro or more! Use the code CocoroTOGETHER (not combinable) 

How does it work? You get 15% off each unit, as long as you buy at least 4 Cocoro in one go and you introduce the discount code CocoroTOGETHER when you pay. You can combine sizes, colors and models. Packs and accessories are excluded. 

Is there a time limit? The offer will be valid while it is published in the online shop cocoro-intim.com.

Is it valid for international orders?  Yes, the discount is applied to the products, not to the transport. 

Do I need to be a registered user? Yes. This will only take a few minutes, and next time you shop at cocoro-intim.com you will not need to give all your details again!


2. 5% de descuento al suscribirte a nuestra Newsletter

How does it work? Un descuento del 5% en el total del pedido aplicando el código descuento a tu carrito de compra. Al introducir tu email y suscribirte a nuestra newsletter, recibirás un correo electrónico con el código descuento que deberás aplicar a tu pedido y los datos de acceso a tu cuenta de cliente.

Is there a time limit? The offer will be valid while it is published in the online shop cocoro-intim.com.

Is it valid for international orders? Yes, the discount is applied to the products, not to the transport. 

Do I need to be a registered user? Sí. Hacer la compra como usuaria registrada con el mismo usuario con el que te has suscrito a la newsletter.



a) Bank Transfer

b) Credit card: MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, American Express (Payment by credit card is carried out through Paypal, an account is not necessary)

c) Paypal


a) Bank Transfer

When selecting bank transfer as your method of payment you will receive, along with a confirmation of your order, an email that will specify the bank account number to use for the transfer of funds to Femmefleur SCCL. It is very important that the order number is indicated in the details of the transfer, along with your first and last name, and that the transfer is carried out within 3 days following reciept of your order confirmation so that it can be validated.

You may also send us proof of your transfer by email at hola@cocoro-intim.com . In no event will your order be considered complete until the company has confirmation of the transfer from our bank.

All payments must be made in EUROS and all bank fees and commisions resulting from currency conversion are your responsibilty when choosing this form of payment. For bank transfers from outside of Spain it is very important that when ordering the transfer you advise your bank that all fees must be charged from the origen of the transfer, including any commisions or costs originating from your bank. The shipping of your order may be cancelled or delayed if the full payment amount has not been received.

b) Credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, American Express

The secure Paypal payment service permits fast and convenient payment by card without the need of an account and without additional costs for the client.

c) Paypal

Paypal permits consumers with an email address to send internet payments in a secure, comfortable, and efficient manner. The Paypal network is based on existing financial infrastructure including bank accounts and credit cards in order to create a real time global payments system. Paypal offers a service that is particularly geared towards those who are not satisfied with traditional payment mechanisms. For more information you may visit the Paypal website at https://www.paypal.com .


In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 relating to the Protection of Personal Information, Femmefleur informs users that data they provide will be included in an automated personal data file, created and maintained by Femmefleur SCCL.

The purpose of this data file is to facilitate the distribution of future offers for products and services that may interest our customers. Femmefleur SCCL guarantees the security and confidentiality of this data. Femmefleur SCCL is commited to keeping customers’ personal data confidential and takes all necessary measures to protect against its alteration, loss, and unauthorized use. No customer data will be used for any other commercial purpose nor given to third-parties for that purpose.

Users of cocoro-intim.com may exercise their right of access, correction, cancellation or opposition by notifiying us by certified mail at Responsable de Protección de datos Femmefleur SCCL a Cocoro, Carrer Domenech 7-9 – 08012 Barcelona, or by contacting us using the contact section of the website, or directly by email at hola@cocoro-intim.com